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fujisawa sustainable smart town

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project -

■ Vision and Background

Global demand for the development of new cities, mainly driven by Asia, is expected to reach 3,100 trillion yen by 2030, prompting numerous projects in cities throughout the world for the development of smart cities and eco cities aimed at achieving low carbon societies.
Currently, many projects are being launched as pilot projects or technical demonstrations to verify their feasibility. However, in order to promote the full-scale deployment of smart cities and eco cities on a global scale, it is important to provide consumers with solutions for achieving a new lifestyle as well as enhancing home's value and economic merits through the development of ecology-minded towns.
Furthermore, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, there is renewed attention for energy infrastructures that are safe and secure with solar power generation systems and storage battery systems installed on a community basis.
Against such a backdrop, this project aims to realize Panasonic' concept of a safe, secure and sustainable smart town that embraces nature to the fullest extent as well as produces energy for local use in the town. At the same time, the project looks to create a smart town that is connected to the power and data networks right from the start, allowing for optimal control without burdening the residents. Through these initiatives, the town as a whole aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70 percent, compared to the 1990 levels.
Panasonic will bring together its know-how built up through participation in eco and smart city projects in Japan and overseas to implement its "entire solutions for the town" in the Fujisawa SST project, and contribute to the realization of low carbon lifestyles throughout the world by promoting this business model.

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